Be compliant! Disclose the required information to the tax authorities and generate supporting documentation and considerations, directly from the tool.

What is DAC6 or MDR?

DAC6 (EU/2018/822), or mandatory disclosure rules (‘MDR’) require member states to disclose aggressive cross-border tax arrangements. These disclosures will be placed in a central EU directory to be reviewed and used by relevant member states. The primary obligation to file a cross-border tax arrangement lies with the intermediary that designs, markets, organizes, makes available for implementation, or manages the implementation of a reportable cross-border tax arrangement. This obligation also exists for intermediaries who, directly or by means of other persons, provided aid, assistance of advice with regard to the aforementioned activities and if no intermediaries are involved, the relevant taxpayer. If hallmarks have been met disclosure within 30 days after implementation is required. Non-compliance can result in high penalties. DAC6-X enables you to disclose the required information and generate supporting documentation.

What does DAC6-X do?

MDR/ DAC6-X tool helps you to determine if disclosure is required for any tax cross border arrangement, bespoke or marketable. DAC6-X is primarily designed for use by intermediaries like tax advisors, law firms, CPA firms, banks, or taxpayers itself, who are involved in cross border tax arrangements.
When disclosure is not required the entered data, including documentation and considerations, can be saved and accessed later at any given moment. When required to disclose information, the form can be disclosed directly to the tax authorities. When unsure if disclosure is needed, our highly experienced team led by prof. dr Hans van den Hurk can provide the information required, to make the well-educated decision, directly from the tool.

This makes our MDR tool distinctive.

Benefits of our DAC6 / MDR compliance tool

Single source of information

Have a single source of information for all your cross-border tax arrangements. Both disclosed and non-disclosed. Only disclose after the quality checks have been met and reviews have been performed. Choose the 4 eyes or 6 eyes principle to reduce risk on non-conformity. Ensure that you disclose within the 30 days deadline.

Knowledge Support

Ask for a professional opinion, directly from the tool. Highly experienced Ex Nihilo team led by prof. dr Hans van den Hurk, will provide the information needed for you to decide if disclose is required or not. This opinion will be stored together with (non) disclosed information.

Continuously development

 We continuously keep on developing our tool as applicable rules and regulations will change.

Actionable insight

Learn if you are compliance at any given moment. The dashboard in the DAC6-X tool enables you to gain actionable insight in minutes. Get informed by the tool when a deadline is in sight. Define who needs to review and who needs to approve. Did you know that DAC6-X can send you an email or teams’ message to inform/ update you?

Defensible position

Verifiable compliance with DAC6 regulations is an essential part of the tax control framework. DAC6-X provides the insight and evidence you need. DAC6-X can disclose the information, with the press of a button. Evidence of the disclosure included the disclosed information, and any considerations are saved and easily accessible. Also, the information and considerations of non-disclosed arrangements can be saved. A valuable addition to your tax files and your compliance.

Report in XML

DAC6-X can disclose the information, with the press of a button. The form can be disclosed directly to the tax authorities via XML.


DAC6-X provides an online platform that is designed for all intermediaries and taxpayers who need to disclose CBA’s. Alerts based on user defined threshold help to stay in control and compliant.

Tax Control Framework

DAC6-X can play an important role in your tax control framework. It provides accurate and verifiable information about the disclosed and non-disclosed CBA’s including your supporting documentation and considerations per hallmark.
This information is stored in a secure database and can be exported in a PDF format.

Explanatory fields

Each Hallmark comes with explanatory fields prepared by our highly experienced team. Each Hallmark is translated into the local language, in addition to the English language which is leading.

Built- in communication

If you, as a team member, are unsure about the data you need to fill in, you can communicate with the other team members via built-in communication functionality. All information in one place.

Short introduction, please contact us for a detailed demo.

Tax Software Tool DAC6-X from Robert de Vries on Vimeo.


Every activity in the tool is logged on user level. Roles and responsibilities are set on user level. You can set up and determine who is responsible or accountable, who needs to be consulted and who needs to be informed.
This will provide insight in the effectiveness of your internal control system.


Training is in place, online or on location what serves you the best. We are available when you need it. The level of support is set in Service Level Agreement.


  • Access rights are set at user level.
  • Multi factor authentication in place via Google and MS Authenticator.
  • Data storage in a secure environment within EU.
  • Hack detection and prevention software in place.

Highly Experienced Team Members

We have developed our tool from a knowledge point of view. Our MDR/ DAC6-X tool is efficient, accurate, supportive and focused on the content. This is a conscious choice for us. We believe that being compliant is inevitable linked to knowledge.

In addition to the MDR tool, we bring extensive knowledge & expertise in the field of international tax, transfer pricing, VCA & SCA and ICF & TCF. Depending on your needs, we can support you in the field of knowledge. Our knowledge team is led by prof. dr Hans van den Hurk.

As described above you can ask for a professional opinion, directly from the MDR tool. The advice can be recorded in the tool within the applicable file. This way your file is complete should any disputes arise.

DAC6-X is developed by Ex Nihilo Group.

We are specialists in international tax, transfer pricing and compliance combining our MDR/ DAC6-X tool, knowledge and experience to create value in the most effective and efficient manner for our customers.